Elegant Annswers presents Stitchable Annswers

Can't keep up with the latest fashion trends? Sewing can help!

Children of all ages can learn to sew and even use a sewing machine. With the disappearance and scaling back of "homemaking" classes in our schools, this is a skill that is often overlooked. This is an unfortunate turn of events because sewing can reinforce skills in problem solving, math, planning, design, creativity, and even patience.

By using the Kids Can Sew® program, Stitchable Annswers offers a small classroom environment that is fun and inviting for kids of all ages. While there is a structured program, we focus on the invidual skills and abilities of each student allowing them to work at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Available classes:

  • weekly sewing classes (year round)
  • summer and holiday camp classes (summer and select holidays)
  • afternoon classes starting as early as 2pm
  • private lessons

Owning a sewing machine is not required!

Certified Kids can Sew Instructor

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